General Contact Info

We want to make your visit to Kansas City, KS fun and adventurous. If there’s any additional information you need regarding your visit to Kansas City, please contact our office.

Kansas City Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.
PO Box 171517
755 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66117
(913) 321-5800
(800) 264-1563

Bridgette Jobe, Executive Director
Main: 913.321.5800
Direct: 913.601.4011
Fax: 913.371.0204
Email: bridgette@VisitKansasCityKS.com
Maila Yang, Marketing & Communications Manager
Main: 913.321.5800
Direct: 913.601.4012
Fax: 913.371.0204
Email: maila@VisitKansasCityKS.com

Kerry Green, Meeting, Group & Event Manager
Main: 913.321.5800
Direct: 913.601.4013
Fax: 913.371.0204
Email: kerry@VisitKansasCityKS.com

Rebekah Baughman, Marketing Assistant
& Visitor Services Coordinator

Main: 913.321.5800
Fax:  913.371.0204
Email:  rebekah@VisitKansasCityKS.com